Sunday November 17, 2013 Round Robin Match "Beth Rose Memorial" at Powers

Three teams competed for our fourth annual "Beth Rose Memorial".  Team Longwood (JoW, Al M, Jul b, and SuD) started the day against team ATL (JDK, Anja, Aaron,Loryn/Wayne). The two teams played to a breakneck 2-2 tie.  Then came Equine Integrated (Dr. C, Gilberto, DManu, Teresa) ,led by Gilberto.  With a much higher pace and intesity beat out Longwood 5-2, then ATL 3-0.  Gilberto led all scorers on the day with 5 goals.  The day was a glorious day in rememberance of Beth Rose. There were kids on horseback, tons of food & drink, and Polo.  Just the way she would of liked it.


 Sunday November 10, 2013 Match Game "OPA Pint" at Powers

82 degree's and bright blue skies made the day.  Team ATL (JDK,Lucy,Josh,DManu) was once again victorious. Team Endevor (Oliver, Teresa, Loryn/Fred/JulieB) never scored after the second period, thwarting any chances for a W.  The final score was 5-2 and JDK was high scorer of the day with 3 goals. 

Sunday November 3, 2013 Round Robin Match "OPA  Cup" at Powers

Beautiful weather and good fun.  Team ATL - J.Kyles, Anja Jacobs, Aaron, and Lucy scraped out a win (3 to 2) over Integrated Equine- DManu, Dr. Zamora, Teresa Connelly, and Sue Doyle.  Team OPA- Oliver, Loryn Lamport, Fred" Cambiaso" Mouring, Julie Braswell & Wayne only managed to tie both teams (3 to 3).  Highlight of the day was a 3 goal performance by Fred "Cambiaso" Mouring.  Lowlight was a missed 6 yard penalty shot by Dr. Zamora.  He is currently seeking help from Fred.



Beth Rose Memorial Tournament 2011

Winning Edge accepting the trophy. From Left: Brad Limehouse, Edward McNamara, Patrick McNamara & Julie Braswell.

Winning Edge 5
Oxford Polo 4
Julie Braswell Anja Jacobs
Patrick McNamara Arron
Edward McNamara Josh Kyles
Brad Limehouse Gilberto Junquiera

Easy Sharp 6
Pro Materials 4
Julia Schroeder Miguel Gonzales
Jayme Klauber Alejandro Gonzales
Luis Castro Bryan Thomas
David Manuel Oliver Butterworth

Winning Edge
Easy Sharp
Joy Rodak Julia Schroeder
Patrick McNamara Jayme Klauber
Edward McNamara Luis Castro
Brad Limehouse David Manuel

Oxford Polo
Pro Materials
Anja Jacobs Miguel Gonzales
Arron Alejandro Gonzales
Josh Kyles Bryan Thomas
Gilberto Junquiera Oliver Butterworth