Friday, March 21, 2014

OPA International Week

Welcome Spring 2014 season.  April 15 - 20th we shall have teams from Scotland, Mexico, & USA compete with us.  Game's will be at Powers Plantation, Longwood Farm, and Oxford Polo Club.  Teams will compete for the prestigious "Manuel Cup" of Scotland.  This cup is said to have been the predecessor of hockey's "Stanely Cup", but it got locked in storage 98 years ago and forgotten, til one day when a "Deter" unable to pay his two year lease on his "Unit"was called "Delinquent & Done".  Sir Manuel opened up" Unit 1028" of his "Aberdeen Storage & Lock Company" and called it his own.  It is now here Ocala.  A prestigious trophy for the game of Polo.  One can only speculate as to whose legendary names shall be engraved into this "Master-Piece."